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28 August 2009 @ 08:08 pm
looking for a partner or two~  
hi guys, posting here with my new account..

uhhh. idk. i'm too dead these days. lack of creativity and lack of time D: and so, i'm posting here looking for a partner or maybe two for heaartquake . preferably (it's not a must. don't worry) someone who still hasn't have a graphic community herself and that is into super junior so much *so that i can drool everytime i visit this comm* anyone interested?

just leave a comment here using this format;
fandoms you're into: (just state as much as you can, i need to make the tag list to be longer LOL)
graphics journal: (if you have one, state the name :D)
samples of your work: (min. 5)
& ermm maybe your latest batch:

screening the comments, so don't worry~ just tell me everything LOL xD
* hopes people are applying here DD: *